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Sex Conversation Kit for Spouses and Families

Brandon Steenbock, our Family Minister has created this practical, useful kit with tips on talking about sex. In it, you'll find sections created based on your child(ren)'s age, and specific questions for spouses to talk over with one another.

The Best of Digital Pub

Best of The Digital Pub - Simplicity and Scripture ft. Pastor Justin Heise (5/20/21)

Originally Aired: May 20, 2021

If you had to live in a tent for three months and could bring just one book with you, what would you bring? Hopefully you said, "My Bible." What would your relationship with Jesus look like after that? And how would you make sure to get the most out of it? At this week's Pub Theology we will talk with Pastor Justin Heise about simplicity, freeing ourselves from distractions, and how to read the Bible well.

Best of The Digital Pub - The COVID-19 Vaccine ft. Dr. Joseph Schumann

Pub Theology will be returning this September. "Like" St. Mark Ministries on Facebook for future updates and details!

Originally Aired: January 21, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine is here, but many still have fears and doubts. Is this vaccine safe? Ethical? Should Christians get the vaccine, or hold off? What are the biblical principles we should consider before taking the vaccine?

In this Pub Theology segment, we are joined by Dr. Joseph Schumann, a family practice physician (and founder of the The Lutheran Ceili Orchestra) for a conversation about the science and theology of the vaccine.

Best of The Digital Pub - Theology ft. Paul Workentine

Originally Aired: January 7, 2021

As we enter a new year with challenges new and old, the best way to meet them is to become better theologians! Really?! Yes. Not only does God encourage us to grow in faith and knowledge, we will also be more prepared to meet the challenges of the future if we know our God and his Word well. Join us this week for a conversation about theology, featuring special guest Paul Workentine, father of Pastor Ben Workentine, as he shares why growing in faith and knowledge is so valuable.

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"The Bible: Just Another Book?"

How reliable is the Bible? And why do we have four eye-witness accounts of Jesus' ministry?

"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 2 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 3 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 4 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 5 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 6 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 7 Video
"The Bible: Just Another Book?" Part 8 Video

A Place of Healing 2 Kings 5 Study

A further study of 2 Kings 5, a followup to our "Taking God Seriously: Naaman & Gehazi" message on June 12-13 weekend.

Is Jesus Really Coming Back?

Learn what the Bible has to say about the End Times in this 6 part series.

FAQs Segment - Questions Pastors Get Asked Most Often

Click video below to see all our 2-minute Frequently Asked Questions segments.

Living Marriage Weekend Videos

Click on the videos below to watch the keynote address, the him + her worship performance and one of the breakout sessions.

Love in a Time of Tolerance

» Understand when, how, and why we might be called on to answer the challenge of why Christianity can seem intolerant to the LGBTQ+ community.

» Practice listening and hearing a person's story.
» Develop compassion for the struggle and hurt that is behind this challenge.
» Be able to articulate what the Bible says about the sacredness of the human body, gender, and sexuality.
» Know the stories from Scripture that show how Jesus approaches sexual sin.
» Be equipped with questions to ask the next time this challenge is voiced.
» Be equipped with resources for giving confident answers to this challenge.

Love In a Time of Tolerance Part 1 Video
Love In a Time of Tolerance Part 2 Video
Love in a Time of Tolerance - Part 2.5 Video
Love in a Time of Tolerance - Part 3 Video
Love in a Time of Tolerance - Part 4 Video

Who Is Jesus? 5-Part Series

Printable handouts below:

Who Is Jesus? Part 1 Video
Who Is Jesus? Part 2 Video
Who Is Jesus? Part 3 Video
Who Is Jesus? Part 4 Video
Who Is Jesus? Part 5 Video

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a great, FREE resource for individuals, couples and families! Text keyword "RIGHTNOW SMLCD" to 41411 to register for your own RightNow Media account.

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