Mark Freier

Retreat Facilitator

Woo. Maximizer. Relator. Empathy. Connectedness.

Mark took a circuitous path to his current role. His faith and career were shaped as a WELS pastor’s kid while attending Lutheran schools from elementary through Seminary where he received a Masters of Divinity. His early years in ministry included experimenting with educational applications, being willing to risk and fail, were foundational in crystallizing his desire to have people “actually learn.” Whether he was speaking to hundreds of teenagers at international youth rallies, training and developing leaders, or writing curricula, these early years of his career embodied his belief that challenging people to look inside and think differently, just might be the seedbed of transformation.  Mark’s belief in transformation isn’t just theoretical. In 1994, his personal and professional life were reset after a bout with thyroid cancer, radiation treatment, losing a job, and a subsequent cross-country move that upended his family. Through it all, he learned that the greatest gift he could give others was a life that was grounded in surrendering to God’s love. It was during this time that he was introduced to the principles of Transformational Leadership and Actual Change Theory; living from solid principles and serving others was the way of greatest influence.  He formed Whatif Enterprises, LLC. He resigned from his ministerial career, hired a coach and began to develop a business plan and MissionBuilderTM, a unique process to discover your purpose, uncover your values, and articulate a practical Mission Statement. He focused on training and coaching small and medium-sized business leaders. Mark fell into his “sweet spot” – creating safe spaces and right processes for people to maximize their potential while inviting them into transformational living.  Mark and Dr. John Johnson of Living Hope Christian Counseling birthed the concept of leadership development that became the program called Transformational Discipleship.  Business advisor Chris Elias and Mark became Principals of Nexecute and Co-Founders of The Results OptimizerTM a unique process that offers a complete, company-wide leadership transformation to overcome obstacles and drive exceptional results. (