Is Your Church for Me? I’m LGBTQ+.

Stmarkdepere   -  

Written by Pastor Ben Workentine

First off, I just want to say thank you for asking a really good question. I have to admit that christian churches have not always been kind or loving to the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that churches have been hostile, aggressive, and hateful. Shame on us and I’m sorry for the historic and real hurt caused by churches in general and Christians in particular. I recognize that for you to even ask the question is a bold step to approach a group that has not always been welcoming the way Jesus would be. I pray that, through our interaction, we might be able to move toward healing, even if just a little bit. 

In pursuit of that healing in mind, St Mark is absolutely the place for you to be: the place for you to grow in the presence of God alongside a community of (imperfect) people who genuinely love you. In our worship and small groups, you’ll stand before the Almighty God who has something to say about humility before God, honor for authority, value of life, and a life-giving sexual ethic. You will hear God again and again restore the fallen (we all are!) and kindle in each heart a growing desire for the ways and things of God. You will join people who have been transformed by being brought into the family of faith and are actively pursuing what that means for every part of life. 

We pray that you will continue to check us out online, and if possible, in person. Know that God loves you where you are and he loves you too much to leave you there, but that’s been true for all of us. That kind of love is real, scary and life-changing. It was for Jesus who expressed that love so deeply that he sacrificed himself on our behalf (can you imagine standing in front of a firing squad and having someone tap on your shoulder, move you aside, stand in your place and take the bullets for you?). It is changing all of us (we aren’t finished products yet, either) and we pray it will show up in your life just as powerfully. Remember, you matter and you are deeply loved. We know it and we’d love the chance to live that with you.