Where is Your Confidence?

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Devotion 2:  Where is Your Confidence?

Imagine for a moment waking up on November 4th, the day after Election Day. You’re opening the news to see all the results. What are you feeling? Optimistic? Victorious? Disappointed? Fearful? Dejected? 

Or do you just have no idea what you’ll be feeling?

You and at least half of America. 

Did you know that it doesn’t have to be so hard? That you don’t have to wake up on November 4th and wonder what to feel? That you can be 100% confident that all will be well?

About 2,000 years ago some people woke up the day after a major event and didn’t know what to think or feel. They saw their people rally together in a public demonstration to have their voices heard. But those voices cried out for the death of an innocent man. That man’s followers had to watch in horror as the vote was cast and Jesus was executed.

Their master. Their teacher. Their Lord. Their God. They believed that Jesus was the Son of God, and how could they possibly make sense of a world where the Son of God could die? What could they have been feeling the day after Jesus died?

Fearful? Dejected? Defeated? Hopeless?

But it was only one more day, and everything changed. The man they watched die on a cross was suddenly standing before them, alive and well. All the dreams about the Kingdom he’d proclaimed to them had been shattered and were now remade, more glorious and more beautiful than they had imagined before. They were transformed from despair to hope in an instant. 

Do you believe this? Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead? Do you trust the hope his first followers found when they met the risen Jesus?

Do you think that if Jesus can defeat sin, death, and the devil, can work the greatest miracle ever, raising himself from death, that maybe he can make good come out of this election? That maybe, no matter who is elected to what office, that all will be well?

Believe it. The God who died for you and rose to life for you will not abandon you, no matter how the election turns out. You can have 100% confidence on November 4th. All will be well.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you conquered sin and death and Satan all for me. You are making all things new, and you are establishing a kingdom that no earthly election can defeat. Help me trust you in the days to come, no matter the results of this election. Remind me of your power, and give me confidence. Amen.