Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

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Devotion 1: Your vote doesn’t matter.

Written by: St. Mark Staff Minister, Brandon Steenbock

“Your vote doesn’t matter. The idea that voting is a way of exercising your rights, letting your voice be heard, making a difference – it’s all an illusion. Your vote means nothing.” So said a political science professor on a podcast about four years ago, just before the 2016 elections.

How foolish, right? How naive and downright unAmerican! Who would suggest such a thing?

This professor was born and raised in Ireland, after all. What does he know about American politics? Actually, he might not be wrong. Some good theories about the impact of a single vote on a national election suggest he’s on to something.

Even if you disagree with him from a Civics perspective, you can’t deny that he’s right from a spiritual perspective. Think about it – God is ultimately in control. Nothing happens apart from his will. Romans 13:1 says that “no authority exists except that which God has established.” From the President to the school board member and everyone in between, their authority comes from the ultimate authority of God. 

The same God who gave authority to King David also gave authority to Pontius Pilate. The same God who gave authority to Donald Trump also gave authority to Tony Evers. Whatever you think about their decisions, God calls you to trust that he is working behind the scenes.

God will decide who wins this election, and your vote won’t change that.

Before you think I’m telling you not to vote, hold up. God works through means, and in America, he puts people in authority by means of elections. God uses your vote, your neighbor’s vote, my vote, and yes, even your misguided coworker’s vote, to put people in authority. 

God has promised that those he puts in authority will ultimately serve the eternal good of his Kingdom. He tells us in Romans 8:28 that in everything he “works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God’s ultimate goal is the salvation of his people. The people Jesus died and rose for. No one could stop that. So nothing can stop God’s plan being completed. 

When you vote, you aren’t forcing God’s hand or making your will come true. You are trusting in and cooperating with God’s will and his plan for you and his people, for this world and the world to come. When you cast your vote, do so praying, “God, your will be done.” Because your vote doesn’t matter, but God working through your vote does.

Prayer: Lord, we believe that you are ruling all things for the good of your people. As I cast my vote, lead me to put your priorities first, but also to trust that you are working through the process to accomplish your will. You died and rose for me. I know your plan is good. Lead me to trust that all will be well. Amen.