Good Friday Devotion

St. Mark Ministries   -  

by Alexis Waack

Have you ever been speechless? God’s beautiful creation often leaves me without words. It might be a stunning sunrise, sunset, or majestic mountain scene with a clear blue sky above. Maybe someone gave you a gift that has left you speechless. You received a gift that you had been hoping to get, and you were so happy you did not know what to say! Sometimes, people can leave us speechless. Married men might remember being speechless when their beautiful bride walked down the aisle. Families might remember being speechless with joy when another child was born. When this world comes to an end, we will be left speechless one more time. When Christ returns, every person will be struck by awe and bow down, confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. His name will be praised by all on earth and those already in heaven above. What a glorious day that will be!

Paul talks about the power of Jesus’ name in Philippians 2:10. He writes, “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.” Jesus’ name is so powerful that every knee will bow to it! As we consider the events of Holy Week, think about what happened as Jesus was breathing his last few breaths. There was power in this final, raspy exhale. The account of Jesus’ death in Matthew gives the following details. 

First, the curtain of the temple tore in two. This was the curtain that separated certain areas of the temple. In biblical times, a believer could not enter all parts of the temple; only a priest could enter these special areas. Now, there is no divide. Christians are free to come to God. Christ’s sacrifice ended the separation. We can now come directly to him in prayer, praise, and times of need. 

After the curtain tore, the earth shook, and rocks split. Have you ever seen a rock broken in two? It takes a lot of effort and power. But Jesus’ death was a powerful event. Even the rocks and the earth fell at his feet. Christ is so powerful that even in his weakest moments of pain and torture, he could command the elements. Even in death, Jesus shook the earth. The Son of God died in our place, and the earth bowed to him.

Then, tombs broke open, and many people rose to life. Jesus’ life on earth was powerful. But his death was even more powerful. Christ conquered death. As he died and rose again to life, he brought others with him. Christ conquers our death, too. We do not need to fear death. Christ has taken away its sting and set aside heaven for us. Someday, he will raise us to life and take us home to heaven. Life and death bow to Jesus and his name. He is our God, and he overcame everything for us. Let us bow at his feet, our Lord and Savior.

Jesus’ name is powerful. As you consider the power of Jesus’ name this Holy Week, remember that his name is what saves. Share his name. Share it with your family and loved ones. Share it with your friends. Share his name wherever you go. His name is powerful and can change hearts. Continue to share his name. And remember, his name is for you. He took on human flesh and a name to die for you. He rose for you. He lives in heaven, awaiting you. He did this all for you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the name of your Son. Remind me every day that his name is powerful. Help me to share his name wherever I go. Amen.

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