Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe.

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By Family Minister, Dr. Brandon Steenbock

Jesus said to Jairus: “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”

Jairus’s daughter was sick, and he believed Jesus could heal her. He found Jesus in the streets, fell down at his feet and begged for help. Jesus agreed, and they started toward the house.

Along the way, Jesus stopped to take care of a woman whose bleeding problem was cured when she touched Jesus’ robe. So much to explore in that part of the story, but for now, just recognize what Jairus would have felt. He’s desperate. His daughter is dying. Time is racing and running out.

Then the worst happened. A servant came and said, “Your daughter is dead; don’t trouble the master anymore.” They must have discussed what Jesus could do, and what he could not. As long as the girl was alive, they trusted Jesus could heal her. Dead? Why bother him further? What can Jesus do?

But Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”

Jesus didn’t tell him that everything would work out for good. He didn’t tell him that this happened for a reason. Jesus didn’t even tell him what he was going to do. 

Jesus just said, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”

For Jairus, the moments must have crawled to a stop. Imagining he would never see his daughter’s smile again. He would never hear her voice. Imagining years of life ahead without seeing her grow up. 

“Your daughter will be saved,” Jesus said.

How? When? What is Jairus supposed to believe when he’s face to face with death?

What are we supposed to believe when we’re face to face with death? And we are. I’m writing this as our congregation is reeling from another tragedy, and so many people are asking, “Why?” and “What now?” and “What do I say?”

Don’t be afraid. Just believe.

Even if we weren’t facing this death, this tragedy, we still face death. Aging loved ones. Unexpected disease. The inevitable march of time. So what are we supposed to believe?

Three things that Jairus didn’t know that we do. 

Jairus didn’t know that Jesus could raise the dead.

Jairus didn’t know that Jesus would defeat death once and for all by his own resurrection.

Jairus didn’t know that all who face death as followers of Jesus will receive the Crown of Life. 

Don’t be afraid. Just believe.

Jairus didn’t have to wait long to see his daughter alive again. We don’t have the promise that we will see our loved ones this side of eternity. But we do have the promise that those people we loved who have died are wearing the Crown of Life already. We have the promise that Jesus has already defeated death. And we have the promise that on the last day, we and our loved ones will all rise to eternal life. 

Don’t be afraid. Just believe.