Parenting Workshop – Harnessing Technology in Your Home

October 2 9:00 - 11:00 am  |  St. Mark De Pere

43 Coode Rd, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

Harnessing Technology in Your Home (October 2nd)
We’ve all done it – you’re feeling frazzled and so you sit your kids in front of a TV or hand them a device, and let peace reign. For a while. Until you wonder if your kids are too obsessed with tech and worry about their brains. And what about all the nasty stuff and people online?
How can we place sensible limits around the technology in our home without going overboard? How can we set a good example for our kids? This workshop will explore why we need to be intentional about tech, some practical ideas for keeping it in check, and how to keep your kids safe online.
Free childcare is provided.  Click here to sign your child(ren) up.