Wednesday Lenten Services

March 1 - 29  |  St. Mark Green Bay, De Pere and Online Campuses

Our Wednesday Lenten services are offered at both our Green Bay and De Pere campuses, as well as livestreamed and on-demand.

12:30pm – Lenten service at Green Bay campus (1167 Kenwood St.)

6:30pm – Lenten service at De Pere campus (2066 Lawrence Dr.)

Our 6:30pm service will be livestreamed on and available on-demand for replay afterward.




3/22/2023  Midweek Lent 5

Psalm 51 & Mark 15:16-20

Forgive us For Despising Our Savior’s Claim

Character focus: The Roman Soldiers.  We all want to be like God.  We all want to put ourselves above God’s will.  We try to reduce Jesus’ importance in our lives.  We need God’s forgiveness of forgetting who Jesus is.  Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh.  Jesus, though God, submitted himself to his Father’s will.  Jesus will remake us in his own image, the image of God as we were meant to be.


3/29/2023  Midweek Lent 6

Psalm 130 & Luke 23:26-31

Forgive Our Misplaced Sorrow

Character focus: The Women of Jerusalem.  We grieve the losses we experience in this life.  We often feel our losses are unfair, unacceptable, or a lack of God’s love.  We fail to recognize that our sin is our greatest sorrow.  We need God’s forgiveness for our misplaced sorrow.  Jesus knew that our sin was our greatest problem.  Jesus walked through the most unfair, unacceptable expression of God’s wrath.  Jesus died for all so that our earthly losses are not the end of the story.