Women’s Retreat – “Pathways to Christ Retreat”

Sisters in Christ, please join us for the 22nd Pathways to Christ Retreat on March 3-5 at LaSure’s Hall in Oshkosh. The 2023 theme is “Be Strong in the Lord”, based on Ephesians 6:10 and surrounding verses. We’ll be opening on Friday evening with the first ever Pathways Style Show.

On Saturday morning, Rev. Joel Russow from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary will lead us as we look at Protecting Your Head and Your Heart: the helmet and breastplate and Rev. Mike Berg of Wisconsin Lutheran College will help us as we look at Defending Yourself: the sword and shield.

On Saturday afternoon Cate Free helps us prepare for what steps come next as we consider Your faithful accessories: a belt and shoes.  The evening will conclude with a concert featuring Stephen Bautista during an evening banquet.

On Sunday Pastor Leon Ehlert will share with us a Bible Study based on the hymn O Church Arise and then lead us in worship. Additional information, along with registration forms, can be downloaded from our website: http://pathwaystochrist.org. If you don’t have internet access, your church office can provide you with a brochure.